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The Power of Groups - and People

A Statewide Presence and Localized Options

What does an insurance trust do for you? In the case of Preferred, it gives you the purchasing power of a $100 million plus trust and over $10 billion of covered property - far more financial negotiating power than a single public entity can muster. You are part of a formidable Florida insurance pool.

The trust also transfers risks from any one public entity to the larger group. This provides all members of the trust better rating structures with less volatility. Preferred’s sole focus on government ensures that members’ unique needs are met.

The local, independent agents appointed by Preferred are a key asset. Located throughout the state, they have unparalleled experience in governmental pooling. Preferred agents can precisely tailor and deliver products and services because they know, in-depth, the operation and risk exposures of all types of public entities.

“We’ve been treated very well. They’re accessible, supportive, and I like the way they handle business. Preferred is a good organization and we are happy to be one of their clients.”
Jim Angle
Executive Director, Florida Association of Special Districts and Fire Chief of Palm Harbor Fire Control District

“Preferred has strong leadership and phenomenal customer service. They always take great care of our clients and really are wonderful.”
Jim Boyd
Florida House of Representatives, Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Insurance