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Risk Advisory Board Pioneers Development Of Risk Management Service Area For FBC

The Florida Benchmarking Consortium (FBC) is comprised of local governments and agencies throughout the State of Florida seeking to improve service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness through performance evaluation. Data is collected, cleansed, analyzed and reported in a number of "service areas" ranging from code enforcement to fleet management to police and fire services to human resources. Entering 2009, fourteen "service areas" existed within the FBC and Public Risk Underwriters of Florida is pleased to report that its Risk Advisory Board has been instrumental over the past 12 months in developing and implementing a new Risk Management service area for the consortium.

The FBC was established in 2004 to facilitate the comparison of within-state performance measurement data among Florida local governments. This best practices approach and intergovernmental collaboration serves as a valuable tool in the governmental budgeting and planning process. Adding a risk management and insurance component will assist public entities in a number of areas including the evaluation of total cost of risk, claims activity versus peers, program design, claims handling efficiency and overall risk management decision making.

Preferred is proud of the risk advisory board's efforts in this initiative as it continually strives to find new ways to serve public entities throughout the state.

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