Hurricane Information

Preferred is dedicated to assisting its members following natural catastrophic events. Our partners are recognized as being some of the most renowned in providing comprehensive and cost-effective on-site disaster response solutions and services to communities, governmental agencies, and private & public sector organizations across Florida.

A rapid response is key to ensuring that our members will achieve a quick and full recovery in order to return to normal business operations and continuity of services.

Preferred Disaster Response services include:

  • Claims administration services by PGCS Claim Services' catastrophic adjusting team with a proven and established track record in handling natural and man-made catastrophic events
  • Advance loss payments process
  • Real time access to loss itemization data
  • FEMA coordination and advocacy
  • Direct toll-free access to dedicated in-house adjuster

In the event of a hurricane, Preferred will be available following the storm to take your loss information.

We will continue to post updates on our site to keep you informed. Please know we are doing everything in our power to maintain quality service to our members.

Please remember to report your claims as timely as possible so we can better assist you during this time of urgency. The PGCS and Engle Martin Adjusting Teams will be working to adjust your losses in the most timely manner possible. The adjusters will work the claims in the order of severity, going to the most severely damaged locations first.

Hurricane Contacts

PGCS Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, EST.
(Please note that hours of operation may be extended during high storm activity.)

Should you have a claim to report:
Call: 800-237-6617
Fax : 321-832-1717
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please contact...

Fred Tucker, Liability Claims Manager
PGCS Claim Services
(800) 237-6617, ext. 4000
Fax (321) 397-5429
Email: [email protected]

Important Hurricane Resources