A letter of thanks from the Parrish Fire District for our TIPS matching grant


The Preferred TIPS Matching Grant Program provides matching funds of up to $5,000 to Preferred members who spend up to $ 10,000 in a policy year. Preferred TIPS has been an invaluable resource in procuring additional funding for Parrish Fire District. This additional funding has enabled the District to provide our operational firefighters with the proper NFPA compliant structural and extrication ensembles.

In 2017, the Parrish district began a comprehensive structural and extrication personal protective gear risk assessment which included the following elements:

  • Types of duties and risks performed on emergencies
  • Incident operational safety
  • Site-specific areas of operations
  • Hazards and risk identification

Once assessments were completed we began the process of upgrading gear plus purchasing new personal protective sets of gear for Parrish firefighters. The funding from the Preferred TIPS Matching Grant Program made purchasing our essential gear a reality.

The Parrish Fire District places the highest regard and emphasis on the safety of our firefighters. The opportunity to receive these essential matching funds (to date over $40,000) in partnership with the Preferred program has enabled the District to outfit its career firefighters as well as its  contractual Reserve Responder core, which serves as a vital resource to augment emergency response to the community of Parrish.

With warm regards,

Michael D. Williamson
Division Chief
Parrish Fire District

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