City of Cape Canaveral – AOP Lift Station Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Control


Submitted by Chris Kittleson, Director of Loss Control Technical Services – Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc. 

The City of Cape Canaveral has implemented safety measures for their lift stations due to a concerned citizen who noticed a foul smell emanating from one of the City’s lift stations.

Upon further investigation, air quality sampling indicated levels that were above the permissible exposure levels for Hydrogen Sulfide, which can pose a serious health and safety risk.

To enhance odor control as well as decrease Hydrogen Sulfide to safe levels the City of Cape Canaveral installed an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Lift Station Odor Control Unit, which uses a high intensity UV light to destroy odor molecules, bacteria, and organic pollutants. 

Preferred would like to congratulate the City of Cape Canaveral for the success of this safety initiative which, demonstrates the collaborative effort of many individuals and departments as well as City Management’s support needed to successfully resolve this safety exposure.

St. Johns County Ranks Among the Healthiest Counties in the Country for 2021

Submitted by Mike Marinan, Director of Member Services – Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

Since 2018 Us News  and World Report has ranked counties in the United States using several criteria to determine its health status.

Those categories are Population Health, Equity, Education, Economy, Housing, Food and Nutrition, Environment, Public safety, Community vitality and Infrastructure.

Each category is given a numeric grade and then totaled. St. Johns County Ranked #  181 up from # 222 last year. Only one other county in Florida was ranked in the top 500. Congratulations to St. Johns County! 

City of Treasure Island: Preferred Risk Management Resource Center is Invaluable Resource with Development and Implementation of HR / Safety Programs, Policies, and Procedures

Submitted by Pam Hancock, Senior Loss Control Consultant – Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

The City of Treasure Island has determined that the Preferred Risk Management Resource Center (PRMRC) is the go to resource!

During the annual service planning meeting Tiffany Makras, HR Director, indicated she considers the PRMRC to be her go-to resource for supervisory training, employee handbooks, Human Resource updates and alerts, as well as Federal and State forms and posters.

Throughout the pandemic the PRMRC has proven to be an invaluable resource to help the City develop various policies that includes their COVID-19 Policy, i.e., testing/quarantine, as well as a telecommuting policy for employees that work from home.

The Preferred Risk Management Resource Center is provided at no cost to those Members of Preferred that place their EPLI coverages with Preferred. For assistance with the resource center, please contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant. 

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