City of Cape Canaveral Installs New Flood Barriers to Increase Resilience at Critical Facilities


Submitted by Zachary Eichholz, Sustainability Analyst – City of Cape Canaveral

The City of Cape Canaveral is implementing a new system of semi-permanent flood barriers at its Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) and Public Works Services Administration Building in order to combat increasing instances of flooding. The two facilities share the same area of land adjacent to the Banana River Lagoon just a few feet above sea level.

These flood barriers, which are being installed across eight separate doorways in preparation for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season, are intended to take the place of sandbags.

In the past, City Staff would spend hours filling and placing sandbags around these mission critical facilities, taking up precious time needed to prepare other areas of the City.

Once their mounting racks are installed, these new flood barriers can each be deployed by a single Staff member in under a minute. Each metal barrier is 42 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

In 2017 after Hurricane Irma the City’s WRF saw severe flooding. A 2019 Vulnerability Assessment conducted by City Staff and the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council (ECFRPC) predicts Cape Canaveral will experience more frequent instances of coastal flooding and sea level rise. By 2100, the City could face between 5.15 and 8.48 feet of sea level rise.

These flood barriers are the first of numerous steps the City is taking to hardening its infrastructure in order to increase safety and resilience.

If you would like more information about these flood barriers, please contact Sustainability Programs Manager Zachary Eichholz at [email protected]

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