City of North Miami Receives 2020 Lytx Driver of the Year, Government Category


Submitted by Chris Kittleson, Director of Loss Control Technical Services - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

Under the direction of the City of North Miami’s Director of Risk Management, Karen Muir, the city has implemented the Lytx Driver Safety Program which is a video telematics product designed to improve driver safety.

As a result of the program’s success the City of North Miami was recognized at this year’s Lytx User Group Conference to recognize outstanding professional drivers and coaches currently utilizing the Lytx Driver Safety Program.

This year’s first place winner for Driver of the Year, Government Category, was awarded to Christopher Fernandez of the City of North Miami.

This prestigious award was earned by Christopher who achieved a risk score of zero over a two-year period. He was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for Safe Drivers by the City of North Miami.

This demonstrates Christopher’s commitment to safety for each and every day he drives his city vehicle.

Preferred would like to congratulate Christopher on his commitment in practicing and promoting safe driving.

City of North Port Utilizes Microsoft Teams to Promote Employee Health and Mental Well-Being

Submitted by Pam Hancock, Senior Loss Control Consultant - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

With many of their employees working from home, the City of North Port has found ways to keep employees engaged with a focus on health and mental well-being.

The City is using Microsoft Teams to meet with their employees as well as host fitness programs. These include Total Body workouts, Cardio and Core Training, Yoga and Pilates. They are also conducting Book Club meetings, currently reading and discussing “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work”.

The City has a Peer Support Group that offers employees an opportunity to discuss any struggles, stresses or issues they are facing. The Peer Support Group is a safe place and a judgement free zone.

Wellness Bingo is a fun activity with a purpose. Employees receive BINGO cards with squares that have healthy tasks to complete. For example: preparing 5 clean meals within 7 days. Each week there is a different game to play. Employees that achieve BINGO by noon on Friday turn in their BINGO card and are entered into a prize drawing. Prizes are things like a Magic Bullet Blender.

The City has an employee garden that the employees work in while practicing social distancing. The City sends out uplifting quotes and provides EAP webcast links. Target Solutions COVID-19 online training courses have been assigned as well.

Thank you City of North Port for your continued focus on employee health and well-being during the stay home order. Job well done!

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