City of Sanibel Library – Responsive to COVID-19 Compliance Requirements While Remaining Open


Submitted by Pam Hancock, Senior Loss Control Consultant - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.
Pictured: Library Staff (L to R in front of service counter) Betty Anholt, Melissa Balthauser, B Shewfelt, Deanna Evans, Candy Heise | (L to R behind service counter) Duane Shaffer, Ian Wainwright, Margie Klein

Since the inception of COVID-19, the Library at the City of Sanibel has been responsive to the exposures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this was the Library they took to the books and got busy educating personnel and residents on what the CDC Guidelines were so the appropriate precautions could be taken to reduce / eliminate the potential for exposure.

As part of this initiative they utilized resources available from Preferred Loss Control, which included training provided by TargetSolutions. The Library team developed / implemented programs, policies and procedures that were available, in part, from the Risk Management Resource Center and My Community Workplace.

In addition, they participated in the Preferred TIPS Program, which provided a reimbursement of funds utilized for COVID-19 related personal protective equipment.

Cathy Cameron, HR / Office Mgr., collaborated with Preferred Loss Control during this time and stated that the services and support provided by Preferred were “Big and Pertinent.”

Preferred would like to thank all those involved with COVID-19 mitigation protocols at the City of Sanibel Library for their dedication and effort to ensure everyone was informed and protected while visiting the Library

City of Davenport - A Small City with a Big Interest in Safety

Submitted by Pam Hancock, Senior Loss Control Consultant - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

As a valued Member of Preferred, the City of Davenport has made transformative changes to the way safety is managed.

The driving force behind this change was Steven Hunnicutt, Code Enforcement Officer, whose initiative, actions, and efforts, along with his colleagues and support of Management, brought about the changes necessary to improve safety at the City of Davenport.

An insight into Mr. Hunnicutt’s understanding and appreciation of safety was from a recent quote wherein he said, “you must have buy in from leadership to make it work.”

As a result, the City of Davenport’s partnership with Preferred Loss Control resulted in the development / implementation of a service plan that included the following elements of a successful and effective Safety / Risk Management Program:

• Safety Committee

• Safety Training

• Accident Investigations

• Safety Inspections

• Preferred TIPS Program

• Claims Reviews

• Return to Work Program

• COVID-19 Program/Compliance

As a result of the City of Davenport’s transformational change to the culture of safety, they were recognized for their efforts and awarded the Preferred Safety and Risk Management Member of the Year for 2019 safety award.

Preferred would like to commend the City of Davenport for their continued excellence in the pursuit of safety by providing a safe place to work, live and visit.

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