Deadly weapons coverage: How to be more prepared for the threat of violence


One of the most difficult threats to defend is the attack of an armed individual or group of individuals who intend on inflicting harm. And, unfortunately, these incidents are part of a growing trend in the U.S.

Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust provides Deadly Weapons Protection coverage to its members. Members can access services designed to make them better prepared and more resilient to the threat of violence. Services are delivered through CrisisRisk™, a leading crisis response network that is positioned to assist in protecting against threats and vulnerabilities before, during and after an event.

Coverage highlights include:

• 24 X 7 X 365 Hotline Assistance including the ability to talk to experts before an event happens

• Decision Making Support

• Investigation & Legal Support

• Reputation & Brand Protection

• Threat Violence Assessment

• Crisis Communication Support

• Intelligence Monitoring

• Media Management

• Security Enhancement

• Victim Support and Coordination

Members will also be given access to free webinars, seminars, case studies, and test exercises to provide further education on emerging threats, mitigation strategies and response protocols.

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About CrisisRisk

CrisisRisk is a crisis and consequence management firm that partners with Preferred to better serve its members. CrisisRisk was founded by individuals who have decades of unrivaled crisis management experience in the public and private sectors. They have handled hundreds of crises, including some of the largest in this nation. CrisisRisk understands that effective crisis management, and more importantly, consequence management following an event that threatens an organization’s critical assets, requires a holistic understanding of risk, law, insurance, communications, and other disciplines. Moreover, a crisis manager needs to have the ability to communicate on a peer level with executive leadership of the impacted organization. CrisisRisk™ principals have unique backgrounds that position them to serve as strategic crisis advisors to senior leadership during crisis events. They have spent their careers in law and insurance and understand risk and liability. Having served as C Suite officers (CEO, COO, President, CAO) of NYSE and NSADAQ publicly traded companies, they can interact on a peer level with any organizational leader. CrisisRisk counts among its clients some of the largest global companies in the world, public and private.

If you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant.

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