Preferred Member Loss Control Safety Product & Service Offering


Submitted By Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc. - Safety & Risk Management Department

As a valued Member of Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust it is our goal to ensure you have the most effective products, services and support to assist you with your Risk Management initiatives and Safety Programming activities. To better serve you, Preferred Loss Control provides a full complement of products, service and support available to you as a Member at no cost that includes the following:

Target Solutions

An on-line training platform offering more than 600 training courses covering topics related to HR/Employment Practices, OSHA Compliance, Motor Vehicle Safety, Office Productivity, Business Skills and Project Management. In order to comply with OSHA’s policy on training standards, an extensive list of courses is available in Spanish.

Preferred TIPS Program

An incentive program that provides a reimbursement of up to 50% of the members costs for approved safety equipment/ risk management training up to a maximum of $5,000 per policy period. Examples of eligible reimbursements include:

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Safety related signs

• ADA compliance measures

• Police accreditation program fees

• Driver Training

• Ergonomic training

• Sidewalk repairs

• Continuing education classes

• Lifeguard training

• Law Enforcement simulator training

Preferred Human Resource & Cyber Support Center

The Support Center is available to those Members that have their POL/EPLI or ELL/EPLI coverage with Preferred and includes the following:

Human Resource Helpline Services

• Confidential, documented responses to employment law questions from Florida based attorneys with expertise in Labor/Employment law.

• Online Unlawful Harassment training for all supervisors and employees.

• A Florida specific employee handbook building tool.

• HR Express Updates including popular questions of the Month and HR Alerts.

• Customizable HR risk management resources including Federal and State specific forms and posters.

Cyber Security Resources

• Breach HealthCheck – Measurable data breach exposure and protection through instant feedback.

• Robust privacy and security templates, including a customizable incident response plan (IRP).

• Resources for keeping staff up to date on a range of issues related to privacy, data security and compliance.

• Latest news and events regarding data breaches, regulations, class-action lawsuits, cyber threats and protective technologies.

Preferred Educational Seminars

Offered throughout the year and include presentations by Industry Experts and Preferred’s Panel of Defense Attorneys.

My Community Workplace

A valuable on-line resource that will assist you by providing cutting edge training and information for your workplace that includes the following:

Web-Based Training

• Online training modules for managers and supervisors, available 24/7, on the topics of preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Wrongful Termination as well as Promoting Ethical Behavior and Child Safe Environments.

Up-To-Date Information and Expert Commentary

• Best Practices for employment practices and child protection.

• Leadership and Managements skills.

• Healthy lifestyle and safety.

• Exclusive articles written for specialized interests, such as government entities, schools, non-for profits and religious organizations.

New Student Protection Zone

• Helps entities protect students from bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, harassment, sexual abuse as well as other abuse.

Knowledge Vault

• A library containing numerous vital workplace issues, grouped according to topic along with self-assessment checklists.

• Links to important federal/state government websites.

• Model Handbook containing over 95 model policies on workplace issues ranging from Equal Employment Opportunity to Social Media.

• Loss Scenarios examples that have caused/created liability for organizations.

Safety Consultant Services

The Preferred Loss Control Team provides complementary safety consultative services based on the Best Practices of Accident Prevention and Claims Management. Through the development and implementation of a customized Service Plan, your Loss Control Consultant will assist you and your organization in reducing accident frequency/severity as well as controlling insurance costs.

Please feel free to contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant to schedule an on-site visit or teleconference to learn more about these valuable safety products & services.

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