Preferred member service planning – A winning strategy to mitigate


The Preferred Loss Control department provides members with the opportunity to establish a safer workplace, mitigate liability exposures and improve the performance of their insurance program. These can all be accomplished with the proper development and implementation of a loss control service plan.

The service planning development process starts with an in-depth analysis of a member’s loss history to understand where and how losses occur. From there, Preferred Loss Control pinpoints the root causes of accidents and other losses to formulate preventative strategies. The result is a customized Loss Control Service Plan based on the best practices of accident prevention and claims management.

These service plans are not static but change over time, depending on the member’s losses in terms of type of accidents and frequency/severity of accidents.

The following is a sample of the Preferred Loss Control Service Plan that utilizes Preferred Loss Control’s service and support available to members at no cost.

Please contact your Preferred Loss Control consultant for assistance in developing a loss control service plan.

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