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Vector Solutions | TargetSolutions 

Is Preferred’s answer to on-line training, offering more than 600 training courses on topics related to HR/Employment Practices, OSHA Compliance, Motor Vehicle Safety, Office Productivity, Business Skills and Project Management. In addition, to comply with OSHA’s policy on training standards, an extensive list of courses is available in Spanish. The platform provides for a very robust administrative function that allows you to assign courses, set course completion dates, monitor compliance, generate reports as well as store your programs, policies, and procedures through their Records Management System. Courses are updated regularly and provide for a comprehensive review of the respective topic. Upon completion of the course the system provides for a multiple-choice quiz, which upon passing, allows for the printing a certificate of completion. Some of the most common implementation strategies include the use of TargetSolutions for Onboarding, Post Accident Training as well as Minimum/Mandatory training to ensure safety training is provided on a regular and reoccurring basis. As a testament to the value-added service provided by TargetSolutions, a few Members have provided their testimonials as follows:

Captain Bobby Thayer - Southern Manatee Fire Rescue

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue has been using TargetSolutions for over 5 years. To date we have been very satisfied with our program. We can complete and track our required ISO training requirements, and when we are audited every three years by ISO. The generation of the reports is extremely easy to get and produce. We are also able to save about $11,000.00 every two years in renewal cost for our EMS Licensure, and these CEU are reported to the state broker on a regular basis. Now most all fire service certificates CEU are all on target as well and we are currently looking into the cost savings on these licensures.

When looking for a platform to log training and complete on-line training I highly recommend TargetSolutions.

Gerard Rouse, Assistant Public Works Director / Safety Chairman - St. Lucie West Services District

As chairman of our safety committee, we feel that it is imperative that both employees and supervisors continue to be trained on a regular basis. In a profession where the tasks can be quite repetitive, individuals tend to get very comfortable and therefore somewhat complacent. I would even go so far as to say their behavior becomes negligent. Which is why continuous training is critical for creating a safety culture within the establishment. Now, here are the questions: What training should we do? How often should we train? How do we keep training interesting? Well, not everyone needs the same type of training, even though there are some common denominators but, for the most part, employees are trained based on their department/division and this is where Preferred plays a giant role in our safety program. Preferred has created numerous avenues where fantastic online training can be achieved but the one we use the most is TargetSolutions. The training options are numerous, the site is user friendly and easy to navigate, the courses are thorough and what is great is that a certificate can be printed at the end of each course to keep in the employee files. We have also made training part of our annual reviews by requiring that all employees complete at least six trainings and all supervisors complete twelve.

To keep training, maintain skills, be safe on the job site and create a great safety culture we think TargetSolutions is the answer

Please feel free to contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant to assist with the implementation of the Vector Solutions | TargetSolutions on-line training platform for your organization

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