Safety is the Change that Makes a Difference!


Submitted by Pam Hancock, Senior Loss Control Consultant – Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc

The City of Arcadia is similar to many Cities in that they have experienced struggles with worker safety due to lack of buy in and low morale. This led to numerous and costly claims.

A few years back, then new City Administrator Terry Stewart and his teammate Linda Lowe realized that to improve things change was going to have to start at the top. They began with the goal of improving job safety and team morale. They held meetings, purchased uniforms, boots and shoes. Mr. Stewart went out in the field and worked with various teams of employees. He conducted Job Hazard Analysis and came up with several ways for everyone to work more safely. Among other things, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) was purchased.

Linda developed and implemented an effective Safety Committee that reviews claims and recommends appropriate preventative measures are put in place. The committee reviews and updates the Safety Policy as well as recommended required training for each department. The policy is reviewed with all new employees who are also supplied with PPE on their first day on the job.

Linda and the Safety Committee conduct field inspections. The inspections ensure that PPE is used correctly and that the correct equipment is in place for each job. If the worksite is found to be unsafe, work is stopped until the correct safety measures are taken. After training and recommendations, employees may be written up if they are found to continue unsafe acts.

While interviewing Linda for this article, the thing I heard the most was that she and Mr. Stewart listened to the employees and the gave them the freedom to make the changes in their departments that where necessary.

With management’s commitment to safety they significantly reduced claims in all lines of coverage. They went from being a Risk Manager’s nightmare to being in the Spotlight !

The City is working on getting their annual training in place. They take one thing at a time as a team and get it done.

We want to congratulate City of Arcadia and their dedicated team for their good work in making safety a priority and showing others how it can be done.

Palm Beach League of Cities Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Submitted by Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

Preferred celebrated the Palm Beach League of Cities 50th Anniversary with the City of Pahokee, City of Belle Glade, and former Hendry County Commissioner Janet Taylor.

The event is hosted every year by these cities that includes a toy drive and is attended by over 300 local officials. Congratulations Palm Beach League of Cities on 50 Years.

Pictured: Former Hendry County Commissioner Janet Taylor and Pahokee City Council members at Palm Beach League Luncheon and Toy Drive

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