Safety Training – The key to a successful Risk Management program


Risk Management is a dynamic enterprise that consists of many moving components. One of the key components is safety training. Safety training is an integral part of keeping personnel informed, updated and reminded of the best practices of accident prevention. This most importantly applies to new personnel who need to be provided with the appropriate onboarding training to ensure they are familiar with safe work methods and personal protective equipment policy. Equally important is the task of training tenured personnel who may have developed unsafe habits, such as not wearing their PPE and/or not using safe work methods. Training should be provided on a regular and reoccurring basis to ensure personnel understand how to perform their respective duties and responsibilities in a safe manner without injury to themselves or others as well as the protection of property while performing their duties.

Safety training areas

Safety training can be broken down into the following areas: onboarding, post-accident and minimum/mandatory training.


During the onboarding process you can provide the requisite training during the employee’s probationary period. This is an opportunity to have them become familiar with safety programs, policies, and procedures as they relate to your organization as well as their specific job duties/responsibility.

Post-accident training

Post-accident training is an excellent means of reinforcing safe work methods/behavior to assist in preventing the same type of accident from reoccurring. The result is a reduction in accident/incident frequency, which assist in providing for a safer workplace.

Minimum/mandatory training for new and existing employees

The concept of minimum/mandatory training is simply to mandate a minimum level of training. An example of this would be to require employees to take one safety related course per month over the calendar year. This type of training provides for regular and reoccurring training on core safety topics or can be designed for job specific training. Training topics can be selected based on actual losses, potential losses, environmental exposures, regulatory requirements, as well as job specific hazards.

Training at no cost for Preferred members

Preferred Loss Control can provide members with free training assistance that includes Vector Solutions, Streamery as well as in person and virtual consultative services on the development and implementation of training matrices. Vector Solutions is an on-line training platform that has over 700 courses on a variety of topics. Streamery is an on-line video streaming service that includes over 700 courses on a variety of topics as well. Please contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant who can assist you with your training initiatives.

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