South Broward Drainage District Enhances Safety/Productivity with Weedoo Aquatic Weed Harvester


By Chris Kittleson, Director of Loss Control Technical Services – Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

The South Broward Drainage District (SBDD) recently purchased a Weedoo Aquatic Weed Harvester (Weedoo) to assist with the day-to-day operations/maintenance of District canals. The main purpose of the Weedoo is to enhance SBDD’s flood control efforts by improving both the productivity and safety of employees who remove weeds and other debris from District canals.

According to SBDD Operations Manager, Robert Franklin, canal maintenance work has historically been a labor intensive and time consuming activity, and the Weedoo has significantly reduced the manual labor previously associated with this type of work. What used to require a four to seven person crew can now be done with a two to three person crew. This frees up staff to perform other important flood control functions and allows SBDD to get more done without having to increase staff.

From a safety perspective District Director, Kevin Hart, indicated that the use of the Weedoo has greatly reduced the need for intense, back bending labor associated with the manual clearing the District’s canals, which is a direct cause of back related sprains & strains. In addition, the potential for heat related illnesses (heat stroke) has been significantly reduced.

The District is very pleased with the Weedoo as it has helped to improve their ability to effectively maintain their canal network and to prepare for major storms, which further helps to reduce flooding and associated property damage throughout the District. The Weedoo is especially efficient when working in concert with the District’s grapple truck, which allows vegetation and debris to be taken directly into the truck bed and avoid double or triple handling of the material.

Mr. Hart indicated that he would be more than happy to discuss the Weedoo with other Members of Preferred. He can be contacted at [email protected] / (954) 680-3337, ext. 206.


* Photos courtesy of Weedoo Greenboat Inc. |

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