Telemetric Technology Being Used in the Fleet at The Villages CDD’s


Submitted by Mike Marinan, Director of Member Services - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

The Villages Community Development District has installed Geotab telemetric technology in many of their District vehicles. The technology combines navigation, safety, security, and communication into one convenient piece of information gathering. It can have a significant impact on driver behavior, emergency and preventative maintenance and driver safety.

Matt Armstrong, the Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks for the District, indicated it has been very helpful in managing the departments fleet. The information he obtains includes vehicle speed and location, rate of acceleration and deceleration, seat belt use, engine performance and fuel consumption.

Matt informed as to when the driver puts the seat belt on, before or after the gear is engaged. He elaborated that “monitoring driver speed and fuel consumption has been a real cost savings… In addition to lowering fuel costs and maintenance I get vehicle use reports weekly, by the day or by the minute. We always know where the vehicle is and how it is being used, it has been a real benefit. Several other departments within the Villages are also using the technology with similar success.”

A review of industry results backs up Matt and The Villages experience. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, rapid acceleration and heavy braking can reduce fuel economy by up to 33%. Unscheduled repairs result in vehicle downtime and lost productivity. This technology has been shown to reduce maintenance and repair costs by as much as 14% through preventive maintenance, real-time alerts to address damaging driving behavior, automated engine diagnostics and streamlined authorization of repairs. Better driving behavior results in fewer accidents and claims, which can lead to a reduction in insurance costs. To learn more on Geotab telemetric technology, please visit their website at

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