Town of Ponce Inlet Introduces CarFit Program to Mature Drivers of Community


Submitted by Mike Marinan, Director of Member Services - Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.

CarFit is a national educational program developed by AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Two Ponce Inlet police officers have been certified in the CarFit program. This program helps mature citizens optimize their vehicle settings. The goals of the program are three-fold:

    1. Help older drivers improve the fit of their vehicles for safety and comfort.

    2. Promote conversations among older adults and families about driving safety and the continued need for mobility options to keep people participating in the life of their communities.

    3. Link adults with relevant local resources that can help ensure they drive safely longer.

The 20-30 minute free intervention not only provides an opportunity to open a positive, conversation about driver safety, but it also provides specific community resources to help mature drivers stay healthy and continue to drive as long as safely possible.

To learn more about the CarFit program and how it could benefit the mature citizens within your community, please contact the Town of Ponce Inlet Police Department at (386) 236-2160 and visit

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