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The Training Network Now (TNN) video streaming service, available to Members of Preferred at no cost, offers the opportunity to provide training anywhere and anytime. With video streaming you can utilize any Internet enabled device, such as an iPhone / iPad / Laptop, to assist you in meeting your training needs. This level of flexibility and ease of use will allow your organization to train employees on your policies and procedures that help create a safe workplace for your most valuable asset – People. In addition, with access to over 700 training topics, Training Network Now can assist you with enhancing the “Body of Knowledge” required to comply with regulatory requirements associated with Human Resources, Occupational Safety, as well as the Department of Transportation.

As a testament to the value-added service provided by Training Network Now, a few Members have provided their testimonials as follows:

Melinda Huser, Human Resources & Risk Manager - City of Cape Canaveral

The City of Cape Canaveral emphasizes the importance of continuous training. Through the many training platforms that PGIT provides the City, this enables staff to stay current in safety and training. The Training Network NOW is a great resource providing users the ability to stream videos with downloadable course materials (i.e., Prepared Quiz / Answers, Completion Certificates, Leaders Guide, etc.).

Throw away the old PowerPoint slides! There are so many positives to Training Network NOW: it is a modern training tool using current material (not outdated training slides); less strain on management; reduces cost of training the trainer or from outsourcing a trainer. The list goes on !

A key reason why I believe Training Network NOW is a great platform – it promotes team building in the fact that you can train employees in a group setting fostering communication, interaction, and camaraderie.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out all that Training Network NOW has to offer, you seriously need to. There are over 700 free streaming videos covering areas of Safety, Human Resources, Management, Specific Industries and more. Thanks, PGIT for all you do !

Chip Dingers, Programs Coordinator - Seacoast Utility Authority

Seacoast Utility Authority employees have utilized the Training Network Now online training resource or various safety topics over the past 3 years.

There are a variety of videos available on the same topic to make it easy to find a video that will focus on a specific aspect of workplace safety.

The videos include up-to-date selections of excellent quality which employees have found interesting and educational for their job and for non-work-related safety hazard awareness.The videos are utilized by solitary personnel at their desk and in group settings at safety meetings.

I plan to continue to use Training Network Now because of the convenient access to high quality videos, the improvement that it adds to our training programs and the compliments I have received from employees

To register for Training Network Now, please send your request directly to [email protected] and you will be assigned one ID / Password that you can share internally. Once you have been assigned your ID / Password you can access the system directly at . In addition, please contact your Preferred Loss Control Consultant who can assist with implementing an effective training program utilizing Training Network Now.
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