A Strucutre of Strength

The administrator for Preferred is Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.® (PRU), Florida’s premier public entity specialist of its kind. PRU is wholly owned by Brown & Brown Inc., which is one of the top insurance brokerage firms in the world. Preferred’s claims administrator is PGCS Claim Services. With over 25 years in claims experience, PGCS is Florida’s foremost governmental third-party administrator.

The Preferred Edge

Hundreds of members and over $100 million in premiums prove it. Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust® fulfills what Florida needs: an insurance program dedicated to the public sector.

Because Preferred is non-profit and self-governed—and since its members are solely Florida’s public entities—it can and does stay on the forefront of specialized insurance for property, casualty and workers’ compensation.

Several hundred members and millions in premiums prove that the Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust® fulfills what Florida needs: an insurance program exclusively customized and dedicated to the public sector.

  • Focused: All members are Florida public entities
  • Group purchasing power: A pool of governmental entities for much more effective negotiation
  • Unique structure: Conservative excess-of-loss policies that benefit members and support the trust’s foundation
  • Self-governed by working professionals: Board of Trustees and Risk Advisory Board are full-time Florida public officials and employees, working together for best practices and protection
  • Statewide and local: The advantages of a statewide pool with local agents for personal relationships
  • A+ administration: Florida’s premier governmental administrators—Public Risk Underwriters of Florida and PGCS Claim Services
  • Preferred Academy: Unmatched education and training opportunities on-site, off-site, and online

Preferred’s history dates back to 1999. Its robust membership and financial strength, including consistent growth of surplus, stem from its conservative platform of minimal, managed risk. Preferred is just that: preferred for unmatched public entity experience, innovation, stability and personalized service.

Preferred’s Trustees protect members and the fund through an extremely conservative strategy: buying excess-of-loss coverage at fiscally sound levels. Excess-of-loss policies also name each Preferred member as an additional insured. In contrast, reinsurance policies are responsible only to a trust, not to individual members.